An Old Fashioned Theater With Old Fashioned Prices!

This is the website for the Montello Theater.

We are reopening soon. We hope to open mid-September (pending health inspection!). FOLLOW Montello Theater on Facebook and watch as we document restarting the theater here on our YouTube Channel- Homesteadhow… EVERY Thursday at 4pm we will post a new video.

NOTE From New Owners:

Kerry Jr, Jen, Lilly & the triplets (Alyssa, Katie, Emma) here. We are taking the reins and continuing the tradition of the Montello Theater! We’ve lived in Montello for 7 years and if you don’t know us yet, we look forward to meeting you.

HUGE thank you to the Anderson Family. They’ve done beyond an amazing job over the last 20 years. We love movies but we really fell in love with the amazing family focused theater THEY created and fostered… We are excited to take over but it is also a big responsibility we are taking very seriously. We won’t change much. Just a few small updates, some paint, etc.

Our goal is to continue family friendly films at fair prices for generations to follow. We are keeping tickets at just 5 dollars! Concession prices will all be very fair as well. We plan to reopen mid-September (pending health inspection, contracts with film studios etc). More on the grand reopening party soon. We hope to keep the theater open for generations to follow, made only possible because of all your support.

The theater has some amazing History dating back before 1878. 1000s of stories were told in this building before a single film was shown. We will also support the theater by sharing this interesting history and preserving it.

We love Montello and this Theater is the community’s theater. Please reach out with questions or ideas. Please send us any theater history, newspaper articles etc. We thank you for your support and shared love of the theater. We also have a YouTube Channel (Homesteadhow) and we’ll share everything movie theater related there as well. On Thursday at 4pm we will post the first update video (here on Facebook) showing our family taking the reins on the road to restarting the Montello Theater. More to follow, the show must go on!